04th November 2019: Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Science and Technology and Earth Sciences, Dr Harsh Vardhan inaugurated the Face-to-Face Meeting of Innovation Challenges under the Analysis and Joint Research Sub-group" at the Indian Habitat Centre in New Delhi today. The meeting conforms to the AJR's mandate to mobilize the collective knowledge, capabilities and resources of member countries to maximize impact across eight Innovation Challenges. The 'Mission Innovation' (MI), a name which was coined by our Hon’ble PM, Sh Narendra Modi Ji, was launched by 20 countries during COP 21 in November 2015. MI currently comprises of 24 member countries and the European Commission.

While delivering his address the cabinet minister said, “India has taken concerted efforts to address climate change challenge by promoting and disseminating clean energy R&D and deployment activities, improving energy access and drawing the path for clean economic growth through global co-operation amongst leading countries in energy research and development”.

While most countries in the world have been struggling to fulfill their energy demand, India has managed to tap its renewable energy potential. The minister in his address had said, “Renewables are now no longer 'fringe sources' but has become a mainstay of energy mix”. This comes right after India has been investing heavily in its renewable energy sector. This would be crucial for the country as it would be able to secure its energy and environmental security.

Union Minister, Dr Harsh Vardhan mentioned India’s progress in the field of renewable energy. India has mounted the world’s largest and most innovative affordable energy efficient lighting programme which has resulted in reduction of 32 million tons carbon dioxide annually. The country has been paving the way forward with a start-up friendly ecosystem. For this purpose the government has launched an International Incubator for Clean Energy (IICE) in public-private partnership, which provides opportunities to Innovators across the world to test their technologies in the local market.